The CHG-Rosco company has been founded by two great art devotees: a longtime cultural sponsor Alois Rostek and many years’ experienced promoter of his father’s art – Shalom Goldberg. Establishing the CHG-Rosco company emerged as a result of meeting these two individuals. The leading idea here is to spread the awareness of rich and unique art’s heritage of Chaim Goldberg. The creative output of this creator is a way of bringing back to life people and tradition. The artist himself is being considered as polish art treasure and a witness of a vanished era and what makes him even more exceptional is the usage of almost every available medium. (see: Artistic output). That’s the reason why the company took as its goal to promote and commercialize Goldberg’s artworks around Europe and whole world.

In the offer you can find graphics made in various techniques such as: aquatint, etching, linocut, line engraving, intaglio or drypoint in a copper plate / brass plate, line engraving in a zinc plate as well as colored by hand or by means of a la poupee inking. There are also castings of Goldberg’s originals to find.
Another among CHG-Rosco activities is organization and production of cultural events and culture’s promotion also thanks to publishing house which the company also leads. By being an independent publishing house it was possible to print a richly pictured album devoted to Chaim Goldberg and his art’s heritage (texts in English and Polish) named “I remember the Shtetl”, that can be considered also as a catalogue of his artworks.


CHAIM GOLDBERG ( 20 March 1917 – 26 June 2004 ) – a Jewish artist, painter, sculptor and engraver, who is best known for being the chronicler of Jewish Shtetl life whose roots were as an Interwar Polish Artist.

Goldberg was born in Kazimierz-Dolny a picturesque village in southern Poland.
 He is best remembered through his life-like depictions of the shtetl’s colorful characters, and the village lifestyle that has vanished. However his full range of themes has not been shown before and thus has been overlooked.

Chaim Goldberg was a man driven by a sense of history while being torn to respond to the new world in which he found himself living and creating his art.

This website is intended to correct this aspect while redefining the artist and present his total oeuvre, the already familiar works of Chaim Goldberg, with a view on his less familiar work driven by his deep desire to create art as a form of his expression, thereby giving you the viewer an opportunity to weigh his overall contribution to the art world and his true uniqueness.


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